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IT Outsourcing – Native App Development

IT Outsourcing – Native App Development

Native Applications

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing the Development of a Native App?

In the business world, mobile apps have become an important client communication channel, as well as a potent sales tool. The vast majority of consumers are connected to the internet via one type of mobile device or another (although, truth be told, mainly via smartphones) making mobile apps invaluable. With that in mind, creating apps that are powerful, intuitive and function extremely well is vitally important, not only for the success of the app but also the success of the business that is having the app created.

What, Specifically, is a Native App?

There exist three different types of app that are being developed for businesses and consumers today, including native apps, hybrid apps and web apps. Each of the three variants has its pros and cons, of course, but for this article, we’ll be focusing on native apps only.

A native app gets its moniker from the fact that it is made to operate on a specific operating system or OS. For example, a native app that is being built to operate on iOS, the operating system developed by the Apple corporation, would take advantage of all of the native benefits that the iOS platform affords, including things like cameras, GPS functionality, photographs, and their Facetime videotelephony product among others.

A native app made for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iMac would also be downloaded exclusively through Apple’s App Store. On the other hand, a native app made exclusively for the Android platform would have the ability to use all of Android’s native features and be available through its own app platform, Google Play. Further, a native app needs no outside browser or tools in order to be launched and would store all of its internal data on the device to which it was downloaded.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Native App Development?

Many distinct advantages are gained by outsourcing the development of a native app, from reducing development costs to gaining an entire team of developers who have expertise in app development and can focus 100% on creating an excellent app. Some of the other advantages include:

  • The outsourcing team will come to the table with specialized knowledge and skills
  • A qualified team of developers immediately ready to start work on app development
  • Fewer man-hours spent by the business in terms of recruiting qualified staffers
  • Fewer costs for typical staff expenses like taxes, insurance, vacation pay, etc.
  • Simplification of financial planning by the business owner due to fixed costs
  • Reduction or removal of costs for workplace organization and infrastructure
  • The time from the start of the project to the finished, market-ready app can be much faster
  • Competitive pricing on the outsourcing market
  • Much lower risk on the side of the business

The simple fact is that an organization that creates apps is, in itself, an IT organization and fully capable of the specific task. They have the people, the experience and the expertise needed to get the job done. Furthermore, if the client is dissatisfied with the app for any reason, they have more leverage to get the problem corrected, including refusal of payment.

On the other hand, if the app is made in-house, the business owner will still need to pay the staffers who tried, and failed, to create the app. Yes, they can be fired, or their bonuses and rewards can be rescinded, but many costs will have been paid with no recourse to get them back.

What Are the Disadvantages of Outsourcing Native App Development?

There are some disadvantages to outsourcing app development but, frankly, they are much fewer than the advantages. The biggest disadvantages, from a business owners point of view, include;

  • The vulnerability and security of vital corporate data and information
  • A lack of quality control
  • The loss of time if the finished app is below expectations
  • A lack of experience or expertise on the part of the outsourcing company
  • A lack of control over the app development process
  • Communication challenges

Of all these disadvantages the first, vulnerability and/or security of sensitive corporate data, is the most concerning. Securing your business’s sensitive data is of utmost importance and you should be concerned any time that security is put in jeopardy, whether real or imagined. For that reason, working with a reputable outsourcing company is a must. Also, non-disclosure agreements were practically made for this type of scenario and should be offered by the outsourcing company without question.

As for the other disadvantages, the loss of time could be a small factor but, frankly, if a reputable outsourcing company with skilled people is chosen the chance of them happening is quite low and the financial risk minimal.

What is an IDE and Why Should it be Considered when Choosing a Native App Outsourcing Company?

The best IT outsourcing firms today are using IDE or Integrated Development Environment software when creating native apps, a relatively new and powerful suite of software tools that allow for faster and more robust app development, code creation, testing and more.

The typical IDE suite comes complete with several common, integrated features, including:

  • Code Editors
  • Compilers (Interpreters)
  • Debuggers
  • Programmable Editors
  • Object and Data Modeling software
  • Unit Testing capabilities
  • A Source Code Library
  • Automation Tools to Build the App

The better IDEs can also support model-driven development or MDD, which is a format that is used to more rapidly write and implement new software, do it effectively and for a greatly reduced cost. Other benefits of using IDE include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Faster setup
  • Tool standardization
  • A single interface
  • Less time spent configuring and learning tools
  • Faster communication between different platforms
  • Multiple language support
In Conclusion

The facts are clear; outsourcing the development of your native app is the better, faster, less expensive and less risky option. Outsourcing to a company that offers IDE software increases those benefits significantly.

If you have questions about outsourcing the development of your business app, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

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